da:ns lab 2020 – Co-immunity: How to Dance When We Are All Ill

da:ns lab is an annual workshop-seminar for artists and arts practitioners to critically reflect on key issues surrounding their creative practice. This year’s theme is Co-immunity: How to Dance When We Are All Ill inviting participants to reflect on all that has been disordered amidst global crises and health emergencies. In this paradigm of illness, we challenge the preconceptions often assumed of the dancing body—as one that is able-bodied, productive and live. 

da:ns lab 2020 will be a remote meeting taking place online with 60 participants from six regional clusters across Hong Kong, Manila, New Delhi, Singapore, Sydney and Taipei. Participants will explore how dance can operate within the paradoxical framework of co-immunity, developing infrastructures of support and relations of care, while building resistance and resilience across the different arts ecologies in the region. This programme will be co-facilitated by JK Anicoche, Ranjana Dave, Huang Ding Yun, Wayson Poon and Claire Hicks.

Regional participation is supported by City Contemporary Dance Company, Critical Path, Gati Dance Forum, and Thinkers’ Studio.

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