2023 Performing Arts Development and Support System: Artist in Residency and Partnering(PDS System)

“Deepening the idea of production partnership and aiming to develop a support system for emerging artists, Thinkers’ Studio join hands with artists to look for the developmental possibilities in creative works, self-orientation and market.”
Thinkers’ Studio has been developing the partner project over the years and provided customized consultation and guidance, assisted strategy planning for artists, linked artists to related art groups, professionals and curators, etc. We strive to become the endpoint for creating and idea enacting in the arts industry and motivate various possibilities for creation.

In 2023, the project has been extended and elevated to “Performing Arts Development and Support System”. It opened for every emerging artist to sign up. The system provided three models of partnership to artists, who are in their “developmental and experimental stages” in the works and branding, including “Residency Partner”, “Strategy Consultation” and “Venue Support”. Artists are free to propose any forms and topics to the system, and Thinkers’ Theatre related creation projects are highly encouraged. We hope that these early works on various topics can then establish and nurture more mature public art events or presentations in the future.

Residency Partner

  • Charles Tsai/ TSAI Dong-Han, “Visions of Gideon”
  • LAM Wai Ying, “Finding Home Aboard, Work-in-progress – Make yourself at Home”

Strategy Consultation

  • HSUEH Tzu-Chieh, The Juicy Berries “Patriarchy Ghost”
  • LIU Yen Cheng, Dua Shin Te Production “Loser Practice/ Loser Etudes”

Venue Support

  • LIU Pin Yuan, Chien Liu Production “Zào” Creating Reformed Objects Experimental Project
  • The Gluttons Assemblage, “A Place Without Deities”
Credit List 

Project Director|KAO, Yi Kai
Project Manager|LEE, Tsz Wai Vivien
Project Executive|LIU, Yi Chun、HSIEH, Ya Yun
Marketing|CHUANG, Chih Chung
Photographer|LIN, Xiao Qian
Graphic Designer|Robert Lin

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