Produced by Dance Nucleus in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, VECTOR is an annual exhibition of new and experimental time-based art. In each edition, art works in different mediums are presented alongside a programme of live performances.

From techno music informed by Plato to mermaid apprenticeship, and Filipino beauty pageants, VECTOR#3 draws from a broad range of references that are referred to playfully as IDIOSYNCRASIES. Through performances of transformation, of dancing in in-between spaces, and of the strangely familiar, IDIOSYNCRASIES looks to the queer for inspiration. In VECTOR#3, queer is approached less as a question of representation or identity politics, but more as a verb: an active, continuous process of questioning assumptions, testing boundaries, undoing what is stuck, repairing what is broken, or giving a form to possibilities.

 Coopearations|Betty Apple(2023)

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Dance Nucleus

DANCE NUCLEUS is a choreographic centre for the capability development of independent artists and the creative development of contemporary performance. Led by Daniel Kok, DANCE NUCLEUS enables a network of trans-local partnerships in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. DANCE NUCLEUS is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme.