ARTWAVE-Taiwan International Arts Network

    Launched by the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF), ARTWAVE-Taiwan International Arts Network is a global online platform for the connection between the Taiwanese art world and the world.

    The name ARTWAVE was inspired by the combination of TW (Taiwan), ART and the word WAVE, which denotes the geographical location of Taiwan where oceanic currents converge and international interactions bloom. In terms of its operation, ARTWAVE not only continues in developing the network formed throughout the years, it also actively seeks collaborations with domestic and foreign arts and cultural organizations in hope of creating a strong brand that promotes Taiwanese artists and their works among the international art communities.

    Cooperation|YPAM Exchange(2021)

    With support from both the public and private sectors, today’s Taiwan has demonstrated abundant vitality and creativity in all fields of art, which have contributed to the splendid and diverse cultural landscape of the precious island. Living and making art on this island that is a conflux of ample artistic energies, Taiwanese artists also look forward to embracing the world and actively participating in diversified exchanges and dialogues.

    ARTWARE extends open arms to welcome all possibilities of international collaboration, and hopes to excite waves for the collision, integration and convergence of artistic energies worldwide to collectively create a mesmerizing landscape of contemporary art.

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    The National Culture and Arts Foundation(NCAF)

    The National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) was established in January of 1996 to create a favorable environment for the development of arts and culture, encourage professional undertakings, and raise cultural standards in Taiwan. The National Culture and Arts Foundation Founding Provisions clearly set the scope of the Foundation’s service as: guiding the management of cultural events, lending financial support to cultural undertakings, encouraging those working in the cultural field, and performing the tasks set out in the Culture and Arts Reward Act.